For about thirty year’s rich manufacturing experiments, our company manufactures the widest
range of spindle s and rings in China. Our products are suitable for the installation
and maintenance of spinning frame, twisting frame, two-for-one twister and drawing twister
dealing with cotton, woolen, flax, thin silk, chemical fiber, fiberglass and their blends.



The aluminum rod made of high-strength and super hard aluminum alloy is hold by the spindle blade and the wharve from inside and outside, has good rigidity, can not loosen to move, and thus can effectively resist external impact deformation. The spindle insert adopts reliable axial overload protection to resist impact without subsidence and is suitable for push-down pipe insertion of integral auto-doffing. The optimized design of the yarn cutter leads to high doffing yarn reserve rate. The use of a yarn gripper can realize doffing with zero winding and no end yarns. The accurate fit between the spindle bolster and the rail of the spinning frame ensures good verticality of the spindle to realize non-correction installation.

The spindle is widely applied to high-speed spinning, spinning high-quality yarns, compact spinning, integral auto-doffing and speed increase reform old a spinning frame, and the highest working speed of the spindle can reach to 25,000rpm. The aluminum can be adjusted in type and size according to customer’s requirements to allow customers to fit different types and sizes of bobbins.


Both neck and footstep bearings separately incorporated in the bolster, flexible footstep bushed, vibration damping system with multi-film lubrication, and stable running, good and spinning performance at high speed.
Reliable insert construction is easy for maintenance.
Share the market for the good price compare with the quality.

  • Lower vibratio
  • Lower noise level
  • Lower power consumption
  • Longer lubricating cycle
  • Longer service life
  • Less maintenance
  • More yield increasing


  • Suitable for ring twisting machine nylon hook/belt
  • Yarn Twisting and Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine
  • For ring frame and twisting machine