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Four spinning techniques and related knowledge2021-11-29T10:12:21+00:00

Four spinning techniques and related knowledge that a spinner must know: ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning and vortex spinning.http://textile spinning

ring yarns

  • Soft feel and good drapability
  • Good fabric quality
  • The widest range of fabric design
  • Major textile applications: Widely used in outerwear, underwear and home textile products
Draw frame

Draw frame

Compact yarns

  • High breaking strength of fabric
  • Clear fabric structure (stripe, printing)
  • Highest gloss
  • Major textile applications: Business shirt / high-grade knitwear / high-grade bedding / high-grade socks,ect.
Combing system

Combing system

Rotor yarns

  • Uniform fabric appearance
  • Good wear resistance
  • The brushed fabric has a good appearance
  • Major textile applications: Denim / overalls / industrial textiles / towel fabrics

air jet yarns

  • Low pilling rate
  • High moisture absorption
  • Washable
  • Major textile applications: Ordinary knitwear / coat / underwear / bedding

There are two technological processes in the production of cotton yarn in cotton spinning system:General carding system and combing system.

For textiles with high quality requirements, such as high-grade T-shirts, fine poplin, tire cord threads for special industries and high-speed sewing machine threads, their yarns or threads are spun through combing process. Compared with the combed cotton yarn, the combed yarn has 10% ~ 15% higher strength, 50% ~ 60% less NEP impurities and significantly improved evenness. The combed yarn has excellent mechanical and physical properties and appearance characteristics of good luster, uniform evenness, less knot and impurity, high strength and so on.

Fibre glass loom2021-11-19T03:50:37+00:00

Normal speed glass fiber rapier loom

  • Usage:Interweave net and building exterior wall thermal insulation materials
  • Weaving type:plain and interweave
  • Each configuration: Needle row interweave device, 4 small weft feeder devices and 10000 warp droppers. 1.5 cloth roll and warp beam, 1 set of warp stop frame and 2 sets of sword head and sword belt.
  • Optional:  Dobby and reed weaving are installed according to the sample.

Glass fibre air jet loom

  • Usage: glass fiber fabric
  • Glass fibre air jet loom is designeed for weaving glass fiber fabric, suitable for weaving varnished cloth, laminated fabric etc. Which are based on the primary material of glass fabric.

There’re a few problems need to be confirmed before quotation:

  • What’s the loom width or fabric width you need ?
  • What’s the usage or purpose of your products?
  • Do you have loom type or speed request ?
  • How many sets loom do you want ?
  • It’s better sending me fabric pictures for reference, then I will accordingly quote to you the most suitable type for you .


Anodised/aluminum treated grooved drum2021-11-11T09:15:36+00:00
  • What kind of raw materials of grooved drums do we have?

Ni-P alloy material, bakelite, Anodised/Aluminum materials.

  • For which kind of machine?

Auto winder, OE rotor spinning machine, auto corner winder…

anodised grooved drum

anodised grooved drum

  • Which size can we supply?

Traverse 4″ , 176cm, 240cm, 280cm… different sizes are available for us

  • Bakelite is not suitable for polyester yarn which  has strong hardness. Other wise the grooved drum will be damaged.

http://Metal grooved drums

velvet rapier loom2021-10-13T02:39:00+00:00

Client: I am looking for air jet loom, can you make?

JingTian: Yes, we can. What kind of fabric do you make? Do you have fabric swatch for reference?

Client:No, I have no fabric now.  I am going to weave velvet fabric and a picture sent.

Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric

JingTian: The air jet loom machine is not suitable to weave this fabric, I suggest rapier loom.

Velvet rapier loom weaving machine

Velvet rapier loom weaving machine

Client: Ok.

JingTian: What’s the machine’s working width?

Client: 200cm.

JingTian: We have one type of velvet rapier loom is special for making this fabric.

Client: How about color? pattern?

JingTian: The pattern is jacquard – 1408hooks will be fine.

Client: Have a video?

JingTian: Yes.

Jute/hessian Rapier Loom2021-09-23T06:13:05+00:00

Jute Rapier Loom

  • TD788 Hessian Jute Fabric Rapier Loom
    Standard Configuration
  • 800 DIAMETER Flange BEAM
  • Heald Frames  : 8 nos.
  • Weft Feeder     : 1 feeder
  • Heald Wires   : 2000 nos.
  • Droppers   : 2000 nos.
  • Warp Beams   : 2 nos.
  • Cloth Rollers   : 2 nos.
  • Steel Reed       :1 nos
  • Tuck in devices   : depend on the reed width and customer’s need(Hequn Brand)
  • Reed Width:180cm-360cm
  • RPM(Rotation Speed Per Minute):150-210RPM
  • Weft Selection Yarn Count: 6 colors
hessian sacking jute rapier loom

hessian sacking jute rapier loom

What’s the motor power?


What’s the total weight?


How about the control system?

Electric Control System with PLC System

Electric Let off&Take up

How to calculate the output of jute rapier loom

length output of one machine in a day: 24h×60min×RPM×efficiency×2.54 weft density(thread/inch)×100

Model A002D automatic bale plucker2021-09-23T06:13:50+00:00
automatic bale plucker

automatic bale plucker

What’s the output of A002D bale plucker?


What’s the beater width?

Beater width: 1800mm

What’s the main feature of beater?

The lifting height can be customized to 300-500mm (it may need to be raised for American cotton bales).

How about Plucker beater diameter?


What’s the total power?


And loading capacity?


Our product advantage?

  • It adopts sewing device to catch the cotton evenly
  • Lift pipe is made in Italy, famous brand.
  • The lead screw protective cover adopts new materials (canvas cover), which increases the cost. Although the price of the original polyurethane sleeve is low, it is easy to damage.
  • High quality copper core.
  • It adopts imported Siemens electrical appliances, air switch and delis.
Type of weaving looms2021-09-23T06:14:26+00:00

Today we are talking about the 1st part of air jet loom:

whole frame introduction

whole frame introduction

Why use air jet loom and what are its advantage?

With high speed and high output, it may replace rapier loom in the future. Large power and gas consumption.

Types of weaving looms?

Air jet loom, water jet loom and rapier loom, fibreglass weaving machine, ect.

What’s the machine’s working width?

From 170-340cm.

The shedding type determines the texture of fabrics?

Plain is suitable for plain fabrics

Dobby is suitable for yarn dyed fabrics and patterns. Commonly known as small jacquard

Cam is suitable for denim fabrics.

What about the speed of our machine acutally in production?

230CM:   600-650rpm

How about the price of our machine?

Toyota air jet loom price is expensive, our machine has the same frame as Tsudakoma ZAX9100, but our price is much cheaper than ZAX9100.

What are the main factors affecting the price?

Shedding type: crank, cam or dobby

Weft selection

ROJ weft feeder famous brand

ROJ weft feeder famous brand

Servo control system and External take up.

external take up

external take up

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