Ring frame machine

Laboratory Ring Spinning Machine is part of the mini spinning system.  Which including opener, carding machine, drawing frame, roving machine and ring spinning machine. It’s widely used in universities and researching center or departments for spinning test. The Ring frame Machine is to spin yarn from roving by ring spinning method.

This machine can be used in cotton, wool, and chemical fiber spinning production line to make yarn.

PLC Control Cotton Spinnning Machine is part of the mini spinning system. 

  • Imported frequency converter control, high efficiency.
  • Mini type machine, save researching cost and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Ring Spinnning Machine Can perform four functions in one machine, open cotton bale, remove impurities, blend cotton and lapping.
  •  which Can be used for cotton fiber or wool fiber (alternative)with different machine parts.

Main Parameters:

  • Number of spindles                   6-12spindles
  • Draft type                                    3-line rollers, double aprons, pneumatic arm weighting
  • Adaptive fiber                           cotton, chemical fiber, wool and blending, 22-76mm
  • Adaptive count                         10-50tex
  • Spindle speed                           2000-19000rpm
  • Draft ratio                                 10-80
  • Draft ratio in the rear             1.06-1.7
  • Spindle gauge                          70mm
  • Twist direction                        Z or S
  • Spindle drive type                 Timing belt drive
  • Power                                       Total: 2.2KW
  • Control type                            PLC control human computer interface
  • Dimension                              1600x800x1500mm