Fabric Length counter meter with measuring wheels

Digital textile fabric wheel length measure meter counter 

  • Multi- function:  counting/length counting/batch counting
  • High speed counting, up to 10 Kcps
  • One batch counting/ two groups counting outputs.
  • Voltage input(PNP) and non-voltage input(NPN) to switch by software.
  • Adjustable pulse width of control signal
  • Key lock Function
  • Communication function selectable
  • High anti-interference capability

Power/ Voltage: AC/DC 12V/24V 110v~220V

Count range: 0-9999

Reset type: Automatic reset/ Panel button reset/ External terminal reset

Weight: 1.5kg

Usage environment: -20-80°C

Opening size:68*68 / 45*92mm

Power outage memory: 10 years