Features & Functions

  • Sock making machine line maybe weave with a main color and five auxiliary color,each sock may be knitted with sixteen colors.
  • Suitable to power 380V/50HZ OR 22OV/50HZ, the whole knitting system is controlled by computer.
  • UPS system to preserve the memory of program and knitting process in case of temporary power failure when power is restored, machine can continue knitting to reduce the loss and waste.
  • Equipped with USB port for easy data reading and storage with USB flash drive.
  • Drumless and fully computerized control system.


Model: 3 1/2″
Needle Range: 84-220N
Running Speed: 280-360RPM
Power Required: Servo motor 0.85KW
Fan Motor(Optional) 1.1KW
Control Box: 0.8KW
Floor space in cm(WxLxH): 150x124x240CM
Net Weight: 300KW
Gross Weight: 350KW
Packing dimension in cm(WxLxH): 94x74x160cm