Waste Textile Cotton Recycling Machine  for sale

Textile Cotton Recycling all kinds of textile waste ( cotton fabric polyester, knitting hosiery fabric ,denim waste, hard waste tread yarn , clothing and garment rags). Getting the fiber from these waste enable to use for rotor spinning and other textile business purpose and making non woven product. Recycling machine make good use of waste material and save cost make benefit , Recycling machine normally be used in spinning mills garment mills weaving mills cotton mills non-woven fabric mills and fabric cotton waste processing mills.

The machine body is composed of 1300oening and cleaning rollers. The line is improved based on rich and advanced experience in china cotton processing, which replace chains, gear driving by speed reducer driving to lower the happening of chains slipping and machinery parts damage greatly. Each driving part is equipped an speed reducer which controls and driving system independently, so the user can adjust the speed accordingly to the material to achieve the best opening performance in process.

The advantage:

  • High production capacity
  • Environmental and save energy
  • Frequency inverter control
  • Low maintenance
  • The steel plate joints adopts seamless welding technology.
  • Bridge type magnet can effectively adsorb metal in raw materials

Technical parameters:

  • Overall dimensions: 4030mmx1500mmx1230mm
  • Weight: 2.5tons
  • Diameter of first cylinder: 600mm
  • Diameter of second cylinder: 400mm
  • Power of fan 1.5KW
  • Rotation speed: 2900rpm
  • Dust cage: 500x985mm
  • Pressure cotton roll of dust cage: 985x140mm
  • Bearing of the cylinder: 2213k 111513
  • Diameter of roller shaft : 57mm
  • Rotation speed: 5.5rpm/min
  • Bearing of dust cage: 205
  • Power: 11KW+18.5KW
  • Rotation speed: 1440rpm/min