Sliver can Spiral, hanging bars, combination, and bracket for selection. Spring load is designed according to sliver’s weight as well as customer’s requirements. Our spring uses high-quality 65Mn spring steel wire, processed first by an isothermal heat treatment.  Then a bluing treatment for surface protection, and will stay vertical to prevent accidental drafting or exhausted. The bracket spring technology is introduced from Germany, which can ensure that spring, trays, sliver level is not skewed and fatigue during service. Enabling users to better quality spun yarn.


  • The top ring and top protected ring are completely made of high-quality stainless steel and molded through special mechanical processing . The permanent roundness and smoothness can ensure the high quality of yarn.
  • The plastic sheet used for making the body of sliver can is extruded by the advanced production line introduced from Italy with 100% new raw material( an imported antistatic additive and master batch is for your choice). The hot melt machine and the high technology of seamless welding guarantee the smoothness of the body with its aging resistance for more than 15 years.
  • The high speed plastic tray is made by injection molding machine with imported plastic. The wall of the tray is thickened and heightened, preventing the tray from inclining and tipping inside the body.The tray owns good weight capacity for its perfect shock resistance, aging-resistance performance and never transfiguration.
  • The bottom plate are one-shot casted with cold rolled steel sheet, which owns perfect roundness, wear ability and long serving life.
  • The spring is made by the imported numerical control automatic moulding machine with the best quality wire rod in China, treated by thermostatic electric furnace to ensure the spring’s stable tension. The sliver can also be equipped with hanger frame or balanced up-down holder spring etc. Up to your requirement.
  • Plastic antishock ring ban buffer knock between the sliver cans and ensure the roundness of the silver can. We provide several colors for your choice which is not only good-looking but also beneficial for your on-site management.
  • Conical shape design as well as smooth surface makes it difficult to scratch and rubbed with clastics
  • The fixed wheels with high-strength alloy die casting, never distort and crack.
  • The material of wheel is wear-resisting POM material, wear well, does not damage the equipment and shop floor.
  • Small amount of waste cotton winding in the wheel, pass through fix and movement wheel, self separate from the wheel.
  • Move change to flexible, greatly reducing the labor intensity of shop workers, improve work efficiency, saving the cost of production.