It is mainly used to weave plain weave cotton and chemical blended fabrics. If equipped with dobby we can weave fabrics of complicated patterns.  Fabrics process feature: dobby to 16 pcs heddles fabric weave.

power loom

power loom

Power loom’s main parameter

  • Reed width (cm)                135 – 180
  • Rotation speed                   designed speed 150-180rpm
  • Motor speed                        960rpm
  • Operation type                   Automatic changing shuttles without machine halt
  • Handle                                 Left or right
  • Shuttle box                          10 pieces
  • Motor power                       0.8KW
  • Overall dimensions           plain 3171 x 1596 x 1540cm3;  dobby 3171x 1596 x 2250cm3
  • Net Weight                          Plain 1400 Kgs;  dobby 1600Kgs (not including motor)

Power loom’s main components

  • Shedding device                        Inner side tappet type top roller harness mounting shedding; 6 pages of spring heald return           shedding
  • Picking motion                         Under picking
  • Beat-up motion                        Crank shaft beating-up
  • Take-up mechanism               7 tooth type intermittently take-up
  • Let-off motion                          Semi positive and semi negative automatic let off
  • Warp stop motion.                  Wiggling back and forth mechanical stop
  • Weft stop motion                     Point pecking type of weft detector
  • Temple                                       Ring type copper cylinder with pin
  • Warp-protector motion          Movable reed
  • Weft supplying motion          Automatic shuttle changing type