chute feeding for carding frame


  • Roller package serrated clothing and activities to toward to the cotton to the cotton board, better opener, small fiber damage.
  • To roller, beater and other parts can easily open, easy clean-up operations and exception handling.
  • The lower cotton box is controlled by pressure sensor, and the new electronic circuit accurately controls the lower cotton box pressure to ensure continuous and uniform cotton feeding by the feeding roller and uniform output cotton layer
  • Aluminum alloy thugs are light, smooth, small vibration and good operation effect. They are equipped with spiral and straight specifications, which are suitable for different needs such as cotton spinning and chemical fiber

Technical Parameters:

  • Model: CFA177
  • Output of each set(kg/h): 35-100
  • Working Width(mm): 920
  • Feeder roller: Form: sawtooth
  • Diameter(mm): 180
  • Speed(r/min): 0.19-1.9
  • Open beater: Form: Six row corner nails
  • Diameter(mm): 250
  • Speed(r/min):558、648、781
  • Power(KW): 1.67