Unique integral frame

  • The frame frame adopts integral welding tempering process and integrated processing of CNC machine tools, with high precision, firmness and no deformation.
  • The cylinder raised and the carding area increased.

Control system and autoleveller system

  • Adopt “Siemens” PLC and “Schneider” inverter to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  • The machine has the function of speed online monitoring and adjustment, which can directly adjust the frequency conversion of cylinder, Licker-in roller, doffer and feeding roller.
  • It can correct the quality and output according to the demand.
  • The touch screen can adjust at any time without shutdown in the production process.

Efficient multipoint centralized impurity removal system

  • The noil and trash are output in two ways and enter the dust filtering system respectively to facilitate the treatment or waste cotton recycling. The form of up and down suction and exhaust be selected according to needs.
  •  The air flow and pressure are accurately controlled, and there is no dust overflow.

Technical parameter:

Width: 1020mm

Applicable lap: Max diameter 550mm

Width: 1000mm

Cylinder working diameter: 1289mm

Doffer working diameter: 707mm

Cylinder speed: 330rpm

Doffer speed: Frequency control

Draft multiple: 67.3- 120.2

Motor: main motor 3.3KW, doffer motor: 1.5KW

Net weight: 4tons

Output: 35kgs/h