Carding machine card frame for sliver

  • Carding system with high production and efficiency
  • Stable and reliable quality guarantee
    New type of driving method, leaning unit with high efficiency. Flat and flat brush roller is driven by independent vector motor for convenient speed adjustment.
  • New type of Licker-in carding system, Licker-in is designed with two noil area whose length is adjustable outside of machine. It’s designed with two sets of knife, pre-carding segment for efficiently removal of trash and staple.
  • Modular design-easy operation and maintance.
  • Dust filtering system adopts the streamline structure and is more in line with the flow kinematics, which are can reduce wind resistance as well as save energy and reduce cost.
  • New type mixed loop auto-leveller system.
  • New type detecting and protecting system
  • Sliver-cutting without
  • Paraticular 6-points gauge and new type of cross appron

Main Parameters:

  • Actual output(kg/h): 160
  • Sliver delivery speed(meter/min): 320
  • Sliver count(g/m): 3.5-10
  • Feed weight(g/m): 400-1300
  • Working width(mm): 1280
  • Total draft folds: 38-370
  • Licker-in working diameter(mm): ø250
  • Doffer working speed(rpm):4.3-84
  • Cylinder working diameter(mm): ø1288
  • Cylinder working speed: 347-477
  • Pieces of rotary(working flat/total flats): 30/84
  • Flat speed(mm/min): 70-408
  • Compressed air pressure(kg/m²): 6-7
  • Compressed air consumption(m³/hour): 0.5
  • Total power installation(KW): 13.79
  • Land occupation(Lx W)(mm): 5825x2480x3525(ø1000)
  • Machine net weight(kg): around 8000