air jet loom weaving machine

Main features:

  • More stable New Type Framework
  • More efficient braking stablity
    Adopt double braking disc electromagnetic device realized the precision positioning of the loom, thus to prevent stop marks efficiently and improve fabric quality.
  • Electronic Let-off Mechanism
    Adopt servo motor driving technology to accurately measure and keep warp tension and reduce the fluctuation of warp tension; adjust the tension automatically while loom starting to eliminate the tension change in the course of stopping to avoid stop marks and ensure fabric quality.
  • Electronic Take-up device
    Adopt servo motor to ensure complete synchronization of the take-up and looms, control the pick density of fabric through computer control. The pick density of fabric can be set freely on the touch screen instead of changing gears. In addition, through linkage operation with electronic let-off, the adjustment can be effected more easily.
  • Automatic central oil supply.
  • New type electrical control system
    LCD screeen and human interface are fixed to display some information such as running status, fault analysis, technological parameters, ect.

Technical Parameter:

  • Model: TDA-910
  • Nominal reed space: 190cm-360cm
  • Weft selection: Two-Eight color pick at will
  • Ultra start motor 3.7kw (cam shedding)
  • One set of rush start motor, 3.0kw, 4p
  • One set of V-belt
  • One pce. of motor pulley
  • positive cam shedding (staubli), heald frames max. 8pcs. /dobby shedding ,16pcs heald frames.
  • flange dia. Φ800
  • Weft Density Range: 25-300 picks per inch
  • Max. take-up dia.: Φ600mm