Main features:

  • Double weft feeder
    Adopt double-feeler type not only for short weft, but also for long weft and broken weft; Using digital control technology and intelligent signal processing to enhance feeling accuracy and reliability.
  • Automatic dividing pick storer
    Adopt automatic dividing pick storer to avoid yarn intertwist, suitable for all kinds of yaarn; weft sensor is fixed on the pick storer to raise the success rate of weft insertion; adopt permanent magnet brushless DC motor control to reduce energy consumption, increase the reaction speed and make the system more stable.
  • Automation
  • Large screen liquid LCD, with functions of parameter setting, automatic control, automatic monitoring and self-diagnosis; automatic shed finding and USB data interface.

Technical Parameters:

  • Reed space: nominal reed space: 170,190, 210, 230, 280, 340
  • Weft option: single-nozzle, double-nozzle
  • Applicable speed: 400-600rpm
  • Weft insertion form: main nozzle, auxiliary nozzle combined type
  • electro-magnetic valve control, profile reed weft insertion
  • Shedding: crank shedding
  • Let-off: mechanical or electronic let-off; applicable beam flange dia ø600mm or ø800mm
  • Weft storer: electronic length weft storer
  • Selvedge: rough edge or plain edge
  • Weft cutting: mechanical cutter
  • Air supply: central air supply
  • Auto stop motions