Main Technical Parameters:

  • Reinforced frame structures with doubled weight, based on which we can increase the machine speed.
  • Speed: 180~230rpm
    *Double servo system(servo motor looping, servo take up), it ensures the fabric weight of towel.
  • Outside type electronic oil pump with centralized lubricating system for dobby.
  • The pile warp beam is made of aluminum alloy with diameter increase to 800mm, which will reduce by a half of machine halt time and manual knotting cost.
  • We equiped protection shield in the front of machine to improve its safety performance.
  • Touch screen servo control big cabinet.


Reed width: 180, 200, 230, 260, 280cm
Speed: 180-230rpm.
Operation system: Micro-computer automatic control system
Weft insertion: 180-230 weft/min picked by left and reight rapier belt & head
Weft feeder: FDP electronic feeder
Electronic control: Micro-computer automatic control system with memory card, big LCD in English showing working condition.
Overall dimension(cm): 450x250x260