Stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, good appearance, humanized control and operating system, fast response, low energy consumption, good comprehensive performance to ensure the safety and stability of the system.

Main Technical Parameter:

  • Reed width: 180, 200,230, 280,330, 360, 490, 500
  • Rotation speed: 200-230rpm
  • Weft insertion: 200-300 weft/min picked by left and right rapier band &head
  • Warp beam dia: 600mm
  • Cloth roller dia:300-500mm
  • Weft feeder: FDP Electronic weft feeder
  • Driving control: Rated 1.8-2.2kw main motor power, 3-phrase AC 380V/50HZ
  • Beat-up motion: Crankshaft 6 connection rod beat-up motion
  • Lubrication: Mechanical oiling pump
  • Electric circuit: Standard modularization design, LED displays working condition
    Shedding motion: 6-8 pieces mechanical dobby shedding motion
  • Let-off motion:Semi positive type mechanical let-off system ensuring uniform warp beam tension
  • Take-up motion: Continuous gapless take-up
  • Slevage device: Usually use the tuck-in motion to deal with the selvedage
  • Electronic control: Micro-computer automatic control system with memory card, convenient and easy button operation, timely adjustment.
  • Overall dimension: 750x250x260cm