Flexible shuttleless Rapier loom weaving machine

  • Speed 220~250rpm
  • 6 connection Rod weft beating-up system
  • The aggravated transmitting rapier loom mechanism, which makes the transmitting rapier power more strong
  • Automatic centralized lubricating system, easy and convenient maintenance
  • Machine weight 3.1tons. We doubled the weight of wallboard and upper wallboard to make the machine run more smoothly.
  • We adopt electronic let-off motion, enables let-off uniform and reliable.

Technical Parameter:

  • Speed: 220-250rpm.
  • Operation system: Micro-computer automatic control system
  • Weft insertion: 180-230 weft/min picked by left and reight rapier belt & head
  • Beat-up motion: 6 connection Rod weft beating up motion
  • Weft feeder: FDP electronic feeder
  • Pattern desing: CAD design software, files tranfer by U-disk
  • Electronic control: Micro-computer automatic control system with memory card, big
  • LCD in English showing working condition.
  • Overall dimension(cm): 450x250x260