• Delta brand PLC, drive and servo motor;
  • PLC+Touch screen control, easy to learn and operate;
  • Use touch screen as man-machine interface, input technical parameters and show
    machine running state by touch screen;
  • Use Z twist turning;
  • Rotation speed of spindle accurate to ±1%;
  • Aluminum profile body frame with four casters, free to move;
  • Modular independent drive for drafting, spindle blade and flyer;
  • Ball line guide rail pair design, low friction resistance and low power consumption,
    ensuring the reliability of supporting plate when moving up and down;
  • Multi-functional design, easy to clean, set and maintain


    • Control mode Touch screen & PLC
    • Number of spindles 2
    •  Applicable fiber length 22~50mm
    • Can size Φ250mm×550mm
    • Roller size Φ28/28/28mm
    • Pressure mode Spring-weighted
    • Draft multiple 4~12times
    • Twist range 15~80 twist/m
    • Flyer form Suspended
    • Spindle speed range 20~800rpm
    • Roving bobbin size Φ45×445mm
  • Capacity Approx. 0.25~1kg/h
  • Yarn density range 200~1,000tex
  • Power supply AC220V, 50Hz