• Delta brand PLC + touch screen control, easy to learn and operate;
  • High mechanical-electrical integration degree, stable and reliable;
  • Use touch screen as man-machine interface, input technical parameters and show machine running state by touch screen;
  • Use standard can coiler to output cotton sliver;
  • Integrated electrical control, easy to maintain;

It consists of feeding box, machine, and coiler, of which feeding box makes the feeding evenness;


  • Control mode Touch screen & PLC
  • Applicable fiber length 22~50mm
  • Working width 480mm
  • Feed quantity 4~6kg/h
  • Feed roller diameter Φ250mm
  • Feed roller speed 750rpm
  • Cylinder diameter Φ446mm
  • Cylinder speed 750rpm
  • Cover plate qty (Working/Total) 20/41
  • Doffer diameter Φ258mm
  • Doffer speed 13rpm
  • Can diameter Φ250mm