• Single side drive speed control by frequency conversion,easier for winding speed and technique parameter adjustment.
  • Using inspection device for yarn broken to avoid any strands absent.
  • It is simple construction, easy mounting and convenient operation.
  • Control panel: operation ease, simple for winding speed setting and yarn length detecting.
  • Tension device: easy to adjust yarn tension by changing tension slices.
  • We use pnenmatic technology for yarn package to go up when the tube is full or yarn break comes.

Technical Parameters:

  • Model of machine: Double sides, signle layer
  • No.of spindles: 12spindles per node
  • Spindle gauge: 280mm, 1680mm/node
  • Driving mode: Single spindle transfer
  • Take-up type: Grooved drum
  • Number of yarn:2-3strands
  • Max winding size:ø220×150
  • Tension control: self-weight platen mode
  • Motor Power:90KW
  • Max sinding speed: 720m/min