Fine opener cotton yarn ring spinning

FA106 Fine Opener is made up of top chute, feed unit, beater unit, grid bar adjusting unit, frame unit. It is used together with condenser in scutching process and its beater, running at certain speed, exclude trash through mutual function of centrifugal force and grid bar. Fully opened and cleaned material are sent to next process and trash separated are sent to dust filtering system.

Main Parameters:

  • Model: FA106
  • Output(kg/h) : 800
  • Suitable material: man-made fibre in length less than 76mm
  • Working width(mm): 1060
  • Feed roller speed(r/min): 35、44、52、63 stepless speed adjusting according to output.
  • Beater speed: 480, 535, 600 Pulley diameter changeable according to output.
  • Power(KW):3.55
  • Overall dimensions(LxWxH)(mm): 1636 X 1580 X 2875