Jute/hessian Rapier Loom

Jute Rapier Loom TD788 Hessian Jute Fabric Rapier Loom Standard Configuration CAM SHEDDING MECHANICAL COLOR SELECTION 800 DIAMETER Flange BEAM 1 BIG FEEDER Heald Frames  : 8 nos. Weft Feeder     : 1 feeder Heald Wires   : 2000 nos. Droppers   : 2000 nos. Warp Beams   : 2 nos. Cloth Rollers   : 2 nos. Steel Reed       :1 nos Tuck

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Model A002D automatic bale plucker

automatic bale plucker What’s the output of A002D bale plucker? 800KGS/H. What’s the beater width? Beater width: 1800mm What’s the main feature of beater? The lifting height can be customized to 300-500mm (it may need to be raised for American cotton bales). How about Plucker beater diameter? 385mm. What’s the total power? 4.1KW.

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