Client: I am looking for air jet loom, can you make?

JingTian: Yes, we can. What kind of fabric do you make? Do you have fabric swatch for reference?

Client:No, I have no fabric now.  I am going to weave velvet fabric and a picture sent.

Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric

JingTian: The air jet loom machine is not suitable to weave this fabric, I suggest rapier loom.

Velvet rapier loom weaving machine

Velvet rapier loom weaving machine

Client: Ok.

JingTian: What’s the machine’s working width?

Client: 200cm.

JingTian: We have one type of velvet rapier loom is special for making this fabric.

Client: How about color? pattern?

JingTian: The pattern is jacquard – 1408hooks will be fine.

Client: Have a video?

JingTian: Yes.