Today we are talking about the 1st part of air jet loom:

whole frame introduction

whole frame introduction

Why use air jet loom and what are its advantage?

With high speed and high output, it may replace rapier loom in the future. Large power and gas consumption.

Types of weaving looms?

Air jet loom, water jet loom and rapier loom, fibreglass weaving machine, ect.

What’s the machine’s working width?

From 170-340cm.

The shedding type determines the texture of fabrics?

Plain is suitable for plain fabrics

Dobby is suitable for yarn dyed fabrics and patterns. Commonly known as small jacquard

Cam is suitable for denim fabrics.

What about the speed of our machine acutally in production?

230CM:   600-650rpm

How about the price of our machine?

Toyota air jet loom price is expensive, our machine has the same frame as Tsudakoma ZAX9100, but our price is much cheaper than ZAX9100.

What are the main factors affecting the price?

Shedding type: crank, cam or dobby

Weft selection

ROJ weft feeder famous brand

ROJ weft feeder famous brand

Servo control system and External take up.

external take up

external take up