automatic bale plucker

automatic bale plucker

What’s the output of A002D bale plucker?


What’s the beater width?

Beater width: 1800mm

What’s the main feature of beater?

The lifting height can be customized to 300-500mm (it may need to be raised for American cotton bales).

How about Plucker beater diameter?


What’s the total power?


And loading capacity?


Our product advantage?

  • It adopts sewing device to catch the cotton evenly
  • Lift pipe is made in Italy, famous brand.
  • The lead screw protective cover adopts new materials (canvas cover), which increases the cost. Although the price of the original polyurethane sleeve is low, it is easy to damage.
  • High quality copper core.
  • It adopts imported Siemens electrical appliances, air switch and delis.