Four spinning techniques and related knowledge that a spinner must know: ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning and vortex spinning.http://textile spinning

ring yarns

  • Soft feel and good drapability
  • Good fabric quality
  • The widest range of fabric design
  • Major textile applications: Widely used in outerwear, underwear and home textile products
Draw frame

Draw frame

Compact yarns

  • High breaking strength of fabric
  • Clear fabric structure (stripe, printing)
  • Highest gloss
  • Major textile applications: Business shirt / high-grade knitwear / high-grade bedding / high-grade socks,ect.
Combing system

Combing system

Rotor yarns

  • Uniform fabric appearance
  • Good wear resistance
  • The brushed fabric has a good appearance
  • Major textile applications: Denim / overalls / industrial textiles / towel fabrics

air jet yarns

  • Low pilling rate
  • High moisture absorption
  • Washable
  • Major textile applications: Ordinary knitwear / coat / underwear / bedding

There are two technological processes in the production of cotton yarn in cotton spinning system:General carding system and combing system.

For textiles with high quality requirements, such as high-grade T-shirts, fine poplin, tire cord threads for special industries and high-speed sewing machine threads, their yarns or threads are spun through combing process. Compared with the combed cotton yarn, the combed yarn has 10% ~ 15% higher strength, 50% ~ 60% less NEP impurities and significantly improved evenness. The combed yarn has excellent mechanical and physical properties and appearance characteristics of good luster, uniform evenness, less knot and impurity, high strength and so on.