http://Weight separator of blowroom for yarn spinning

  • Power free trash removing, easily adjustable angle of grid bar.
  • Transporting fan and bridge-magnet are erected in CFA026 directly which save bracket and area occupation.
  • If required, FA026 with continuous suction system is available and need no manual clean.
  • The sheet cotton into weight separator, first through the bridge type iron removing iron absorption, which can effectively remove metal debris.
  • Model FA026 weight separator, working in fiber current, is made up of adjustation duct.
  • When cotton fiber contact grid bar, trash is is separated from fiber tuft to difference of centrifugal force then sucked away through dust pipe.


Main parameters:

  • Suitable fibre length(mm): It’s used for fibre in length less than 80mm
  • working width: 500mm
  • Overall dimensions(LxWxH)mm: 1864x864x2784.5
  • Net weight(kg): about 800