Designed with PLC control system and connected with the PLC of front and back machine.
Intensive three times mixture, all kinds of fiber can be even blended.
The pressure in hopper can be automaticatly monitored, controlling bale plucker to start or stop. Transport belt and spike lattice are controlled by motor with inverter, can be stepless speed regulation. Sensitive detects section, obtainning continous running of the whole process.

Main parameters:

  • Model: FA025
  • Output(kg/h): 800
  • Number iof trunks: 6
  • Working width(mm): 1200
  • Air volume of conveying fan: 3100~5600
  • Back pressure in exhaust pipe(Pa): 0~-100
  • Air volume at exhaust dust outlet(m3/h): 3000~3500
  • Power: 8.77KW
  • Overall dimensions(LxWxH): 6250x1600x4426
  • Net weight(kg): about 4800