Waste textiles recycling industry

Recycling of waste textiles Nowadays, living conditions are getting better and better. Who doesn't have a few sets of clothes? With the rapid development of the textile industry, there is waste when there is production. The recycling of waste textiles is a major event. Next, China renewable technology will learn about it with you. The

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Air jet weaving knowledge

optimize loom process to reduce weft stop and improve efficiency of air jet loom   For certain varieties, the weaving efficiency of air-jet loom is decided by the production of high and low, and production of high and low depends on the loom speed and efficiency, and the methods to improve the speed of increase

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910 air jet loom for fabric

Air Jet loom- weaving machine Air jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses jet air to pull weft yarn through the shed. The working principle is to use air as weft insertion medium to draw the weft yarn with the friction traction generated by the sprayed compressed air flow, bring the weft yarn through

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