Spindles Spindles are essential components of spinning machines that are used in the textile industry to produce yarn. The spindle is a rotating part of the machine that holds the bobbin, which is wound with the yarn. The spindle rotates at a high speed, and as the yarn is pulled from the bobbin, it is

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Textile Waste Recycling Machine

Textile waste recycling machine Fast fashion is leading to a mountain of clothing being thrown away each year and has a huge impact on the environment, so can we turn our unwanted garments into something useful? Open your wardrobe and be honest. How long was it since you last wore some of those clothes? Do

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A186G Medical cotton carding machine operation manual

A186G 3 coilers carding machine operation manual Adjust the switch on the right side of the electric box to the single acting state. Press the cylinder to start, the cylinder will start slowly, and it will gradually become faster if it is slow. Press the doffer on to start, adjust the doffer frequency converter to

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ring frame Spindle

Requirements for spindles in spinning process spinning spindle Stable operation and small vibration in a wide speed range; Wear resistance and long service life; Low power consumption; Low noise; Large bearing capacity. The key is to reduce vibration and wear. Any spindle will inevitably vibrate and wear during rotation. Violent vibration will cause

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Solution to abnormal jitter of weaving shaft of water jet loom

Water jet loom water jet loom in production water jet package After the water jet loom has been used for a certain number of years, the weaving shaft of some looms will vibrate abnormally during operation, which is more serious for domestic looms. It will lead to warp fuzzing and easy

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Analysis of five factors affecting the quality of rotor spinning

In the process of rotor spinning, the main tasks are as follows: loosen the sliver and draft it to a single fiber state; Remove impurities from feed materials; Mix the fibers evenly; Forming a whisker; Condensed fiber; Improve uniformity by merging; Twisting; Winding forming. Rotor spinning Theoretically, during rotor spinning, a single fiber

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The characteristics of rotor (rotor spinning) yarn and differences from ring spinning

The characteristics of rotor (rotor spinning) yarn and its main differences from ring spinning are as follows: The strength The strength of rotor spun yarn is lower than that of ring spun yarn because there are many bending, looping, folding and winding fibers in rotor spun yarn, and the transfer degree of inner and outer

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Rubber Cot processing process

Compound preparation For cots, rubber mixing is a key link. Generally, there are more than 10 kinds of rubber materials from natural rubber, synthetic rubber to special materials, with a rubber content of 25% ~ 85% and a hardness of soil (0 ~ 90), spanning a great range. Forming Cot molding is mainly to paste

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Blowroom carding for spinning production line

Blowroom process: The processing of raw cotton or various staple fibers into yarn needs to go through a series of spinning processes. And the opening and cleaning process is the first process in the spinning process. The opening and cleaning combine of this process completes the following tasks: Opening Loosen the pressed block fiber in the

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You have to know a little about fabrics

Identification of fabric High count and high density fabric: high count refers to the number of yarns (commonly used in China, s represents its unit). The higher the number of yarns, the thinner the yarn constituting the fabric, and the texture of the finished product is very thin and soft. Such fabrics have high requirements

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Power rationing and price- weaving machine in production

"Rising electricity price" attack Since late September, "power rationing tide" has affected many provinces in China. Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanghai and other regions have successively started the adjustment of "rising electricity price", allowing the transaction electricity price of coal power market to float upward on the basis of benchmark electricity price. On July 23, the

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