• Standard working width 280cm
  • Working speed up to 38 mt/min
  • Sewing stitch length from 5 up to 12 mm adjustable in real time.
  • Up to 3400 sewing stitch for minute
  •  Two fabric tension control systems, indipendents adjustable in real time.
    1 Adjustable fabric tension in sewing phase
    2 Adjustable fabric tension in doubling phase
    Technical parameter
    Roller width: 2800mm
    Main motor: 1HP Reducer + Frequency converting control
    Operation space: 3500x6800x2500mm
    Air press compressor: 6kg/M3
    Speed: 40yard /minute

Mechanical features

  • Infrared contrast electric eye tracking is adopted.
  • The high-speed single needle sewing machine can adjust the needle distance according to the processing requirements of cloth types.
  • Two edge unfolding plates are attached, which can fully unfold the crimped cloth before sewing nails.

Entry for plaited fabrics

  • Adjustable fabric brake effect with knob
  • End fabric sensor with automatic stop the machine when the fabric is finished
  •  n°02 driven fabric spreaders rollers; with spiral profile for unwinding of the selvedges and expand the fabric;
  • the spiral is in stainless steel
  •  System for increase or decrease the spreading effect

Open width fabric alignment unit with proportional fabric edge sensor sensors with centreline calculation

  • Edge control with 2x320mm sensor with resolution of 5 mm,
  • Sensor position adjustable according the fabric width
  • Calculation in real time of the position of the fabric in progressive way
  • Fabric centering unit
  • Automatic “self-learning”: automatic detect of the fabric spiral effect and relative correction with PLC

Fabric doubling unit calibrated to the machine entirely in glazed stainless steel

  • New concept for perform the doubling, doubling of the fabric with creeping on the external side of the sack
  • n°8 metallic fabric selvedge opener in brushed stainless steel, for the uncurling of the fabric edges before the stitching.
  • Driven rollers for the fabric feeding and doubling control, with rotation driven by a frequency controller and surface covered by a rubber grip tape.
  • New system for the real time adjustment of the fabric tension during the doubling phase

Doubled fabric centering unit for the precision edge alignment

  • Continuous edge alignment acting in proximity of the stitching point (8 cm)
  • Precise alignment of the edge
  • It allow to perform the sew really near at the selvedge and to increase the quantity of fabric you profit

Stitching machine unit

  • Sensors of the fabric edge position
  • Automatic movement of the stitching forward-backward according the fabric width
  •  Automatic fabric edge following and automatic positioning
  • Easy accessibility for facilitate the job to the operator
  • Adjustable stitching distance from the edge without stop the machine