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Textile Waste Recycling Industry

Textile waste recycling Fast fashion is leading to a mountain of clothing being thrown away each year and has a huge impact on the environment, so can we turn our unwanted garments into something useful? Open your wardrobe and be honest. How long was it since you last wore some of those clothes? Do you

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Textile waste recycling machine

This machine is to Recycle all kinds of textile waste ( cotton fabric polyester, knitting hosiery fabric ,denim waste, hard waste tread yarn , clothing and garment rags). Getting the fiber from these waste enable to use for rotor spinning and other textile business purpose and making non woven product. Recycling machine make good use

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A186G Medical cotton carding machine operation manual

A186G 3 coilers carding machine operation manual Adjust the switch on the right side of the electric box to the single acting state. Press the cylinder to start, the cylinder will start slowly, and it will gradually become faster if it is slow. Press the doffer on to start, adjust the doffer frequency converter to

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Q: Why Choose Our Company? Jingtian Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (founded in 1991) is a key backbone production enterprise in China's textile machinery manufacturing industry. It has a long history and experience in independent development and production of textile machinery products. It has a first-class R & D center and scientific and technological development team.

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Absorbent Medical Cotton Ball Making Machine

 Application CT-01 medical cotton ball making machine is aimed at pharmaceuticals industry, instead of traditional methods to making cotton ball. The machine can complete the production of cotton ball at one time. The weight of the cotton ball can be changed by the controller. The size of the cotton ball is 0.2g to 3g (controlled

Medical Surgical Absorbent Cotton Wool Carding Machine Customized

Advantage Unique integral frame The frame frame adopts integral welding tempering process and integrated processing of CNC machine tools, with high precision, firmness and no deformation. The cylinder raised and the carding area increased. Control system and autoleveller system Adopt "Siemens" PLC and "Schneider" inverter to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment. The

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Spinning spare parts yarn guide hook manufacturer

Yarn guide hook In view of the effect of the yarn guide hook on the yarn twist, strength and yarn breakage in ring spinning, the characteristics of the new ceramic agglomeration yarn guide hook are introduced. Combined with the spinning practice, it is analyzed that the design of the new yarn guide hook adopts the

Motor driven Auto doffing Robot

DL-1 Hand-Driven Doffer suitable for all inds of different sizes of spinning frames and twisting machines; Light weight (35kg),small in size, easy to operate and maintain; Safe operation, can be used with or without power; Fast doffing speed, high degree of automation to improve efficiency;

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Auto doffing Robot for ring frame machine

AD1 Model Continuous Automatic Doffer The manipulator grabs the bobbin vertically without damaging the spindle and touching the thread. The inclined guide rail is carefully calculated. To coordinate continuous spinning and doffing-walking. Positioning by spindle(Doffing rate>99%, Donning rate >99% Doffing speed>4 spindles/sec). Keep the thread end actively, protect the spindle hook, no spindle return (Thread

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ring frame Spindle

Requirements for spindles in spinning process spinning spindle Stable operation and small vibration in a wide speed range; Wear resistance and long service life; Low power consumption; Low noise; Large bearing capacity. The key is to reduce vibration and wear. Any spindle will inevitably vibrate and wear during rotation. Violent vibration will cause

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Waste textiles recycling industry

Recycling of waste textiles Nowadays, living conditions are getting better and better. Who doesn't have a few sets of clothes? With the rapid development of the textile industry, there is waste when there is production. The recycling of waste textiles is a major event. Next, China renewable technology will learn about it with you. The

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Solution to abnormal jitter of weaving shaft of water jet loom

Water jet loom water jet loom in production water jet package After the water jet loom has been used for a certain number of years, the weaving shaft of some looms will vibrate abnormally during operation, which is more serious for domestic looms. It will lead to warp fuzzing and easy

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