How to reduce air consumption is the main way to reduce power consumption.

  • Reduce injection weft insertion pressure
  • Adjustment of main and auxiliary nozzles, aperture and angle
  • Reed and weaving mouth, energy-saving reed, supporting energy-saving nozzle.

Friendly tips for customers in supporting air compressor and pipeline setting:
All air compressor equipments recommands for use:

Oil free screw air compressor and tubrine air compressor

Air compressor of air jet loom

Air compressor of air jet loom

  • A:Air compressor
  • B.Air tank
  • C.Air dryer
  • D. Main pipe filter
  • E. Ultromicro fine-partical filter

Air compressor capacity ≥ air consumption of one loom x loom hour x(1.2-1.4)

The pressure of the air compressor generally selects the exhaust pressure 0.7MPa,7Kgf/cm2

Loom initial pressure (pressure entering the loom) ≥ the maximum pressure required by the loom MPa+0.1MPa

Air compressor exhaust pressure ≥ loom initial pressure MPa+0.05MPa

For example:JTA910The maximum service pressure required is 0.55MPa, the minimum Loom initial pressure is 0.65MPa,The exhaust pressure of the air compressor shall be set 0.7-0.8MPa.
The exhaust pressure of the air compressor shall be reduced as much as possible,every drop 0.1MPa,It can save about 5% of energy.


For example of 24sets of air jet loom:
1.0m³/set X24setX1.2=28.8m³
A 160kW air compressor is equipped with an exhaust capacity of 30m ³
The power fee each day 160KW X24hoursX RMB 0.7= RMB2688

Each set produces 330 meters of cloth (weft density 72) 24 hours a day, and the output of 24 sets is 7920 meters

The electricity charge per meter cloth is 0.34 yuan (air compressor only)


Yarn strength and single yarn breaking strength

Single yarn strength: the force required to break a single yarn, which is called single yarn strength or single yarn strength. The unit is n and CN.   That is, in the yarn tensile test, the sample is stretched to the maximum force applied to fracture. For yarns, centinewton is preferred.

Single yarn breaking strength: the ratio of single yarn strength p to yarn count ntex, in cN / tex   (centinewton per Tex)

That is, the ratio of yarn breaking strength to its linear density.

The Seller guaranties that:

No later than 3 months from the date of signing the Act of completion of installation supervision (clause 8 of the Contract), and subject to the Buyer the requirements specified in this paragraph, the Equipment will reach the performance parameters:

constant operating speed of at least 550 (five hundred and fifty) rpm;

permanent working Coefficient of productive time 0,92 (zero point ninety-two hundredths);

Yarn breakage is not more than 0.04 (zero point four hundredths) breakage/meter on a weft and not more than 0.05 (zero point five) breakage/meter on a warp;

defects in the form of weft shortround no more than 12 cases per 1000 meters of gauze.

In order to achieve these values of machinery performance parameters Buyer must ensure that the following operating conditions of the Equipment:

  • usage of cotton yarn 14-29 Tex;
  • breaking load of the yarn is not less than 200 cN;
  • equal tension of the warp;
  • experience of workers (weavers and master assistants) at least 5 years;
  • air temperature in the workplace 23-25°С in the summer and 20-24°С in the winter;
  • relative humidity of the air in the production area is not lower than 60%;
  • input air pressure of 0.4-0.5 MPa;