A186G 3 coilers carding machine operation manual

Adjust the switch on the right side of the electric box to the single acting state.

  • Press the cylinder to start, the cylinder will start slowly, and it will gradually become faster if it is slow. Press the doffer on to start, adjust the doffer frequency converter to slow down for about 10r/minute , and then accelerate to about 20r/ minute when the machine running normally. Doffer start and chute feeder run synchronously.
  • Then start 3 coilers, pls refer to the video we sent.
  • Open the air valve switch, pull up the black pressure regulating valve, and the red mark of the barometer reaches about 4 pressures. Adjust the pressure according to the network disconnection. After adjustment, press the pressure regulating valve to lock the required pressure.
  • After outputting the sliver, first adjust the speed synchronization of the frequency converter between the sliver and the faucet to ensure that the sliver is neither broken nor sagging, and the synchronization is normal. Turn the switch on the right side of the electric box to linkage, and then turn the linkage knob to accelerate. At this time, all frequency converters increase and decrease speed synchronously.
  • The set pressure of the air pressure chute feeder should be adjusted according to the gram weight per meter of the cotton sliver. Generally, after running, look at the mesh part of the vibrating plate of the chute feeder. When adjusting the pressure, the pressure will increase, the cotton layer will increase, the pressure will decrease, and the cotton layer will decrease. Just look at the height of the cotton layer
  • reaching more than half of the mesh part of the vibrating plate.
chute feeder

chute feeder