A002D/FA003 Automatic Bale Opener plucker is an important machine in blowing-carding line. They are both finished with sawtooth blade beater. The blades from the inside to the outside are divided into three groups from thin to dense, so that the grabbed fiber bundle is smaller and uniform, which is conducive to the mixing and impurity removal of the subsequent process

It is applicable for kinds of raw cotton. Cotton content chemical fiber, middle and long chemical fiber, generally two set of plucker are put into production in parallel. Plucking beater go down interval and rotate with carriage to pluck cotton sequence. Cotton plucked is transported to the next machine via duct.
This disk plucker machine is the first process in the whole blowing carding line.
It’s applicable to pluck various kinds of raw cotton and polyester of the
length ≤76mm,and then convey them to the next process through airflow.


Disk plucker adopt saw-toothed beaters ,which are divided into 3 groups,and fixed from inside from
inside to outside according to the tooth setting from thin to thick so as to get fibers
minor and uniform,thus it’s advantageous to the blending and cleaning of next process.


  • Production (kg/h) 800-1000kg
  • Loading capacity (kg) 4000 (2 sets)
  • Outer wall diameter (mm) 4760
  • Inner wall diameter (mm) 1300
  • Speed of carriage (r/min) 1.6-2.2
  • Beater speed (r/min) 740
  • Blade extension from grid (mm) 2.5-7.5
    Rail diameter (mm) 5123
  • Height (mm) 3864
  • Power (kw) 4.1
  • Net weight (kg) About 1600