Ring frame machine

Ring frame machine Laboratory Ring Spinning Machine is part of the mini spinning system.  Which including opener, carding machine, drawing frame, roving machine and ring spinning machine. It's widely used in universities and researching center or departments for spinning test. The Ring frame Machine is to spin yarn from roving by ring spinning method. This


Spindle For about thirty year's rich manufacturing experiments, our company manufactures the widest range of spindle s and rings in China. Our products are suitable for the installation and maintenance of spinning frame, twisting frame, two-for-one twister and drawing twister dealing with cotton, woolen, flax, thin silk, chemical fiber, fiberglass and their blends. spindle

Spinning machine

This machine is suitable for processing of raw materials of cotton, chemical fiber and blended fibers. Which can effectively remove most of the impurities contained in the raw cotton. The machine is used as blow room spinning machine. The opening of the raw material is soft and the fiber is avoided. The angle of the

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Waste Textile Cotton Recycling

Waste Textile Cotton Recycling Machine  for sale Textile Cotton Recycling all kinds of textile waste ( cotton fabric polyester, knitting hosiery fabric ,denim waste, hard waste tread yarn , clothing and garment rags). Getting the fiber from these waste enable to use for rotor spinning and other textile business purpose and making non woven product.

Bale plucker machine

Bale Plucker Machine It is applicable for kinds of raw cotton. Cotton content chemical fiber, middle and long chemical fiber, generally two set of plucker are put into production in parallel. Plucking beater go down interval and rotate with carriage to pluck cotton sequence. Cotton plucked is transported to the next machine via duct. This

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