You have to know a little about fabrics

Identification of fabric High count and high density fabric: high count refers to the number of yarns (commonly used in China, s represents its unit). The higher the number of yarns, the thinner the yarn constituting the fabric, and the texture of the finished product is very thin and soft. Such fabrics have high requirements

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Automatically hydraulic baling press machine

The baling press machine is designed as per our customer's requirements, having the characteristics of high automation, labor and time saving and also environmental. Main technical parameters: Overall dimensions(LxWxH):1440mm x 690mm x 4200mm Machine weight:2.6tons Packing size: 1000mm x 500mm x 800mm This size can be customized as per your requirement Packing weight: 60-200kgs Rated

Power rationing and price- weaving machine in production

"Rising electricity price" attack Since late September, "power rationing tide" has affected many provinces in China. Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanghai and other regions have successively started the adjustment of "rising electricity price", allowing the transaction electricity price of coal power market to float upward on the basis of benchmark electricity price. On July 23, the

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Impact of epidemic on manufacturing industry

(Affected by the COVID-19, India's manufacturing industry is in a downturn) an investigation report of the Indian Federation of industry and Commerce on the 19th showed that although many places in India have been opened and blocked, the automobile industry has been the hardest hit in terms of the continuous production of factories and orders.

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Air jet loom air consumption and Yarn strength

How to reduce air consumption is the main way to reduce power consumption. Reduce injection weft insertion pressure Adjustment of main and auxiliary nozzles, aperture and angle Reed and weaving mouth, energy-saving reed, supporting energy-saving nozzle. Friendly tips for customers in supporting air compressor and pipeline setting: All air compressor equipments recommands for use: Oil

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“Sulzer” flexible rapier loom weaving machine

Introduction of Rapier loom As early as 150 years ago, shuttle looms gradually replaced manual weaving. At that time, the output of shuttle looms was twice that of manual weaving. Shuttleless looms began to appear in 1844. Flexible rapier looms began in 1925. After World War II, commercial production was realized from 1950s to 1960s,

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